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Just a few of my newest deviations!Feel free to check around my gallery and thanks for dropping by my page!
It's late-November and with that artic rush coming up from the north it's snowing here right now!It may not be a surprise for states lying further north and it's hardly unwelcome after all the hot weather ,but it is just a little staggering for the area I live in.

School's had me busy with Algebra being quite the predicament in this chapter,but I'm decent at it and the next one is considerably easier to comprehend so here's hoping because some of the more recent homework assignments have been some real doozies even when I get additional help.I'll do my best to persevere though!

Also I recently received a set of character busts of the Indigo twins and Nainso from :icondreamkeepers: which I'll be posting really soon.Liz did a really fantastic job if I might say!

I was busy this last weekend with the academic team regionals and whatnot and playing Assassins Creed Rogue (Saying farewell before Christmas and I get a PS4 with Unity) among other things though I did color some stuff up in all fairness.I must say though that even on the last generation of consoles sailing the North Atlantic like I was Henry Hudson in Rogue makes for a very pleasing vista and although many characters are neat particularly your English first mate,Giles the accent on the main character felt off for an Irish one though in Unity they just blandly made everybody sound English,hehe! Seriously though the history nerd in me cannot tolerate their rendition of Napoleon,Robespierre,and Co. sounding English though they are fairly accurate otherwise in how they portray them which is quite nice.

Previous interviews:
David and Liz Lillie interview!Me:Anyways today I am interviewing the indie comic star David Lillie with a few interjections from his wife Liz Lillie!(AKA :iconDreamkeepers: )
Liz:  Thank you, Garrett, for giving us this opportunity. Dave and I hope to answer some reader questions that may not always come up in conversation.  Word has it that this is going to be posted on the forum, and I think that's a really smart idea.
Me:Now I was sort of wondering about some things growing up and how they might have  influenced your writing and art.If I may say 2D animated Disney films seem to be popular.The rustic style of line art is remniscent of the 101 Dalmations and the the mouth expressions remind me of the Lion King's expressions so were they influences?Thoughts?
David:  I think your instincts are spot on there.  We grew up during the late 80's and 90's traditional animation boom- Disney movies were the cultural hub, there were other studios competing to create their own 2-D animation, te

Chu interviewMe:Today I am interviewing the rather talented Sarah "Chu" Wilson :iconRaizy: regarding herself and her long running and fairly acclaimed webcomic "Slightly Damned".
Is there anything you might want to start this interview off with/ shout-outs to anybody viewing this?
++ I just wanted to say thanks for flattering me, haha. It does my shallow ego a bit of good when someone is nice enough to want to interview me.
Me:It would seem that you quite like Hyenas given how your cartoon self and the two main characters in your next comic are of that speices;What in particular do you like about their devious selves?
++ I could write a whole essay about what I like about spotted hyenas, and in fact I do plan on drawing a minicomic about it soon. Hopefully I'll find the time to do it before the end of the year. I don't want to derail the entire interview here just to answer this question, though, so I'll try to keep as short as I can.
Basically, hyenas are fascinating and interesting animals that a

Evan Stanley interviewMe:Hello there!Today I am interviewing the talented :iconEvanStanley: regarding her career as an artist and herself in general.
Anything you would like to say to your fans before we begin?
Evan:Nothing besides “hi” I suppose-- I hope you guys like this interview!
Me:Now how did you start drawing if I might ask, and at what point did you actually start having your art look how you wanted?
Evan:Exactly how I want it? No artist ever achieves that-- if they say they do, they're lying. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I think I started pursuing it seriously when I was around 10; my favorite homeschool teacher was also a scientific illustrator, and she had a private class for her more artistically-inclined students to come train under her.
Me:What are your primary sources of inspiration (Shows,books,artists,games) for your own artwork/cartooning/and (hopefully in the future) animations?
Evan:It's pretty obvious that my biggest inspiration is the Sonic the Hedg


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