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Just a few of my newest deviations!Feel free to check around my gallery and thanks for dropping by my page!
And tonight an interview with the awesome :iconwindflite: !

How have you been doing lately?

Windy:I’ve been doing well! Busy with comics, but I think that is a good busy. c:

Describe your feelings on art please and what you feel characterizes your gloriously cartoony style (Complete with really poofy hair) as your own.

Windy: Oh man, art was always something I could turn to. For some reason, art has never felt like a chore to me, which sadly some of my other hobbies succumbed to. Not to say, of course, that I’ve never had bad days. I do find myself doodling at least a little something every day, though! My style... I don’t know how to exactly describe it! I guess the poofy hair is the key, haha. I always really admire expressive and energetic art styles, so I think that is what I absorb most.

You read Manga primarily deriving much inspiration from that before really getting with anime and it was important to you in your developing years as an artist; What attracted you to that particular format and what manga or manga writers do you feel were particularly enthralling?

Windy: My friends began reading it in middle school so naturally I picked it up too. Thus of course began my “middle-school-manga-phase”. I began trying to adopt a more anime look to my style, which I think still remained, even when I went out of my “anime phase”. I actually didn’t watch a lot of anime, I was more interested in the manga books, because I could sit down and study the art. But I fell out of anime/manga for a while, as that sort of happens, but it sucked me in again, and this time I’m watching anime as well. I’ve always admired the energy these comics and shows are able to convey, it’s, well, energizing to watch! My favourite from back when was always D.Gray-Man by Katsura Hoshino, and I think that still holds today.

It's also evident you drew a lot of inspiration from Pokemon (Which is indeed a fantastic source of inspiration).What is it about the designs or world that you feel have made it so endearing throughout the numerous years it has been around what's your favorite Pokemon?(In all fairness mine is Umbreon)

Windy: Pokemon was a big part of my childhood. I’m not really sure why, but I just loved it, and it’s stuck with me. I was drawing Pokemon in kindergarten, and I’m still drawing them now, which is pretty funny! I think my favourite thing is how creative the world can be, which is why I love creating Pokemon-related characters--there’s endless possibilities! And favourite Pokemon? That’s IMPOSSIBLE, there’s so many! Hydreigon, Pidgeot, Spritzee, Braviary.....

It looks nice though never got going all that much sadly, but do you have any words for those interested in your comic world Pestilence which is currently on hiatus?

Windy: Pestilence was definitely a comic I was excited for but for some reason working on it never panned out. I’d go on long hiatuses even when actively working on it. When I went to work on Sanity Circus, I think I found out why--I didn’t do as much as I could have with Pestilence. Uh, well, besides the obvious in that I only made like twenty pages of it. I mean for the world and story--in the end it was very restrictive and that’s something I struggle to deal with. So for those interested in it, know I haven’t abandoned it! It just needs some reworking. I also probably won’t tackle it while doing Sanity Circus. I don’t think I’m ready to handle two webcomics at once.

Moving on to the main attraction;Sanity Circus!

The series opens with an assassination of a certain Director of Attley's nation that is clearly very important and will have further effects on the story later; Bearing that in mind with the way it opened what sort of tone are you going for in Sanity Circus?

Windy: I hope that the prologue revealed what I’m going for! Something dark, something whimsical, something fun, something mysterious! As well, a whole bunch of quirky, endearing characters. Those were always stories I loved, anyway, so I hope that’s something I can achieve, too!

You mentioned your character was originally going to be a boy;Why did you decide to change it to a female and how would you advocate Attley's worth as a main character without getting into spoiler territory beyond what's been published?

Windy: I decided to make her female cause I realized I sadly didn’t have a lot of main female characters at the time (shame on me!). When I first was thinking of Sanity Circus I didn’t have a main character in mind yet, but I did have a lot of other characters and the setting--funny enough, they all came from dreams. When I finally decided to sit down and decide on a main character, Attley finally formed within a few weeks. She’s a lot of fun, I absolutely love drawing her. As probably evident by the comic already, there’s a lot about her that she doesn’t even know... well, yet, that is. c:

You have quite the nice grainy effect for your comic seeing as it's evokes the feeling of a city in the 1900's (Albeit with magic,demons,and instrumen!) so how do you produce that neat atmospheric effect?

Windy: Ah I’m glad that’s the impression it gives, since the world is in it’s equivalent of the 1920-30s. It’s created with a texture of my own, then everything merged together and a glaussian blur duplicate over top. I also go in and blur backgrounds a bit.

How far out do you have Sanity Circus plotted out at the moment?

Windy: Oh that’s hard to say... I suppose if I really wanted to, I could have it go on “forever”. I doubt I will, though, since I’m not a fan of that. But hopefully I can keep it going for a while. I sort of structure everything like it were an episode--for example, the prologue, and chapter one and two are together an “episode”. So I’m sort of on “episode two” with chapter four. That said, I don’t have a set amount of chapters per “episode” who knows how long each will be!

So it's easily evident you like birds a lot by merit of them oftentimes being graceful and having such vibrant colors and it's obvious Fletch is heavily based on a seagull.(And can transform into one on a whim!) so how would you elaborate why avians are so captivating to yourself?

Windy: Ah, again I’m not too sure! I’ve kinda always liked birds, even as a kid. They’re my favorite animals and I just love them--especially the wings. I was always drawn to characters with bird wings.... Man, can they be a pain in the butt to draw, though!

On a sidenote is there any music you might associate with the Sanity Circus?

Windy: Lots of jazz/electro swing! Also pretty much anything done by the Diablo Swing Orchestra. I made a few Sanity Circus playlists a while go, too! You can listen to them here and here!

Lastly for those who don't know how did the Sleepless Skink Productions site start and why should one read the myriad of eye-catching comics on there?

Windy: SSP was put together by a bunch of people who all had participated in a dA group. So we all kinda knew each other. A lot of us were moving on to making webcomics, but no place to host them, and so it was proposed to us to set up the site SSP-Comics! We’re all good buds and I think everyone’s comics are wonderful. No two are the same! I’m super excited for all of them. Please read them, they all have fantastic things in store!!

It's been a pleasure interviewing you!Sorry there's not too much on the story(Though it's certainly grabbed my attention ) ,but I'll be sure to get back to you when I feel there's enough to substantiate another interview and merge these two together;Keep on rocking with your artwork!

Previous interviews:
David and Liz Lillie interview!Me:Anyways today I am interviewing the indie comic star David Lillie with a few interjections from his wife Liz Lillie!(AKA :iconDreamkeepers: )
Liz:  Thank you, Garrett, for giving us this opportunity. Dave and I hope to answer some reader questions that may not always come up in conversation.  Word has it that this is going to be posted on the forum, and I think that's a really smart idea.
Me:Now I was sort of wondering about some things growing up and how they might have  influenced your writing and art.If I may say 2D animated Disney films seem to be popular.The rustic style of line art is remniscent of the 101 Dalmations and the the mouth expressions remind me of the Lion King's expressions so were they influences?Thoughts?
David:  I think your instincts are spot on there.  We grew up during the late 80's and 90's traditional animation boom- Disney movies were the cultural hub, there were other studios competing to create their own 2-D animation, te

Chu interviewMe:Today I am interviewing the rather talented Sarah "Chu" Wilson :iconRaizy: regarding herself and her long running and fairly acclaimed webcomic "Slightly Damned".
Is there anything you might want to start this interview off with/ shout-outs to anybody viewing this?
++ I just wanted to say thanks for flattering me, haha. It does my shallow ego a bit of good when someone is nice enough to want to interview me.
Me:It would seem that you quite like Hyenas given how your cartoon self and the two main characters in your next comic are of that speices;What in particular do you like about their devious selves?
++ I could write a whole essay about what I like about spotted hyenas, and in fact I do plan on drawing a minicomic about it soon. Hopefully I'll find the time to do it before the end of the year. I don't want to derail the entire interview here just to answer this question, though, so I'll try to keep as short as I can.
Basically, hyenas are fascinating and interesting animals that a

Evan Stanley interviewMe:Hello there!Today I am interviewing the talented :iconEvanStanley: regarding her career as an artist and herself in general.
Anything you would like to say to your fans before we begin?
Evan:Nothing besides “hi” I suppose-- I hope you guys like this interview!
Me:Now how did you start drawing if I might ask, and at what point did you actually start having your art look how you wanted?
Evan:Exactly how I want it? No artist ever achieves that-- if they say they do, they're lying. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I think I started pursuing it seriously when I was around 10; my favorite homeschool teacher was also a scientific illustrator, and she had a private class for her more artistically-inclined students to come train under her.
Me:What are your primary sources of inspiration (Shows,books,artists,games) for your own artwork/cartooning/and (hopefully in the future) animations?
Evan:It's pretty obvious that my biggest inspiration is the Sonic the Hedg


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Commission: Dueling Dreamkeepers by SuperflatPsychosis One of my favorite commission sets I've ever done with two spunky characters as though they were in a good old fighting game from the talented STJ.If I ever make one of them into my own avatars don't be surprised!Be sure to check out her art and Dreamkeepers in general if you haven't! ;)

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